Delta Sky Club – ATL – Concourse F

March 5, 2019

I recently passed through ATL and spent an evening in the Delta Sky Club in Concourse F (international terminal).

It’s a spacious lounge with a large window providing natural light and an incredible outside patio (albeit too cold to use in February). There were a number of showers available in the rear, although I didn’t find an area to nap.

The staff were full of southern charm and while the lounge wasn’t one of the busier Sky Clubs I’ve been to, the bar area can get a little noisy with a few regulars chatting away on a Friday evening.

The drink selection was fine – featuring a quality local craft beer on tap and basic liquors with a few upgrades available. The food was typical for Delta – basic pasta dishes with a few simple side options and snacks. After a few weeks of Asian food, that was actually a welcome change.. even if I did drizzle some sriracha on my mac and cheese.

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Delta Sky Club – ATL – Concourse F