What is I Only Fly First Class (IOFFC)?

I Only Fly First Class is a travel concierge service offering discounted first and business class international flights.

How do you offer such discounts?

I Only Fly First Class buys airline miles for all of the major airline programs at wholesale prices. We then use those miles to book first and business class tickets for our clients. By combining the discounts we get on purchasing miles and the discounts that airlines offer to their frequent travelers, we are often able to offer 30-60% off retail fares.

Which airlines do you work with?

The majority of our carriers are 4 and 5 star airlines as rated by Skytrax. Some of these include Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Emirates. Top rated carriers offer the finest in flying luxury and comfort at the airport which is our primary focus. We do not work with discount or poorly reviewed carriers, such as China Eastern.

The price you quoted is not 30-60% off

We do our best to get you the maximum discount available when using our miles to book your tickets. However, airlines update their prices daily, and there are times we are simply unable to offer a notable discount. Certain routes are more prone to this than others. We will always notify you of the retail price prior to purchasing from us.

Are award seats readily available? Can you get my exact date?

Reward seat inventory represents about 10% of the seats on any given airline. While we usually find availability, especially for last minute flights, not all itineraries will be available at the time you contact us. However, we have the tools and the data to predict and monitor future availability and can contact you when there are seats. When seats are available, we encourage you to make a prompt decision due to the limited supply. Being a little flexible with your dates can help guarantee availability.

How do I book a ticket?

Please fill out our service request form located at the bottom of this page. Using real-time data, it will give you an estimated price. This estimate is at times our only available price but at other times an average of routes (eg, 1-stop and non-stop). If we are unable to provide a real-time estimate, one of our Flight Experts will manually price the route and contact you.

Why can't I book online?

The reason we’re able to provide such discounts is because we are not an automated OTA. The process we use to find flights is customized for every one of our clients based on the details of their travel request. The easiest way for us to find exactly what you need is to speak with you on the phone or via chat about your request. This guarantees that you’ll have flight options as soon as possible.

Can I change or cancel my ticket after I have booked?

Reservations cannot be changed or canceled unless a Flexible Fare option has been purchased at time of booking. In the case of a Flexible Fare option, changes and cancellations are permitted up to three days before the scheduled departure date subject to availability. Changes and cancellations are subject to a service fee chargeable per passenger per sector plus any applicable fare and tax differences.

Does IOFFC provided discounted economy and premium economy tickets?

We cannot provide a discount for international economy/premium economy tickets as the published price online will usually be lower than our price due to the design of the award programs. However, we have many clients which occasionally travel “mixed class” to save money. For example, they may take a short economy domestic flight prior to their business class long-haul flight.

Will I earn miles when flying with IOFFC?
You will not earn airline miles from tickets redeemed through IOFFC.
Where do you operate?

We service clients all over the world and we can be reached via email, telephone, text message, WhatsApp, Telegram and more. Although our company is based in Hong Kong, our experts reside in North America and Asia and Oceania (when not traveling).