Rosita’s Story

Like many of you, I was very skeptical but determined to find out more. Even my friends told me not to have anything to do with it. I consulted my bank about fraud and scams and they did say they will cover me. I spoke with Marcus and he explained how they work. He was very honest with me. They use air miles purchased from mileage brokers. They then use the air miles to purchase seats on an airline’s website at a much lower price than online.

I had planned and paid for a trip to Israel. But I was prepared to wait till Marcus could get me a flight, etc. This meant that I could also check to make sure there are flights on economy available if Marcus is unable to get me on Business Class. He did. Five days before I traveled and I was absolutely pleased. I traveled Emirates Business Class to Turkey, and Turkey to Israel.

I paid just a little more than economy for a wonderful experience. I enjoyed being spoilt, and I enjoyed the comfort of a long haul.

Thanks Marcus – you were fun to talk to as well. Friends for life!

Rosita Valladares

World Traveler

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Rosita’s Story