Justin’s Story

IOFFC has provided me an invaluable service that I’ve relied on for the last 4 years.  I am a talent manager in the sports world industry and part of my service to clients is ensuring smooth travel between Europe, USA and Africa.  In addition, having my clients arrive fresh at their destination is key as many of them have physically demanding commitments or meetings with sports management the same day. Time and time again, IOFFC has procured first and business travel that my clients require at a fraction of the posted retail price.

Although the savings have been attractive, the real value is the level of service and communication that my agent has provided throughout the years.  He’s only 1 WhatsApp message away and I can literally confirm any travel plans I need within the span of 10 back and forth message exchanges. That to me is the real value – the convenience of knowing that IOFFC will always be one message away.

Justin Eaton

Sports Agent

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Justin’s Story